Sunday, February 2, 2014

LOTRO Guide: Best Account Upgrades for New Players

New players often face confusion when faced with the LOTRO Store for the first time. One is bombarded by so many choices, that it is hard to know where to start! There are items and expansions, buffs and boosts, account wide upgrades and more. It can be exhausting to comb through the entire store to figure out the best things to buy when you first start playing. To aid newer players, I have compiled a list of my top five LOTRO Store purchases for those just starting their journey in Middle Earth.
  1. Riding Skill - This is a must have for any player! If you only buy one thing from the store ever, this is the item to buy. Riding is one of the most useful skills on LOTRO because it enables you to travel to remote locations quickly.
  2. Currency Cap Removal - This is number two on my list because you need more gold than 2 gold to purchase quite a number of things in-game. Prices in the Auction House often go well above the standard, Free to Play cap, so this is a must if you plan on buying anything from other players.
  3. Auction House: Five Additional Listing Slots - It can be fun to list items in the Auction House, and its also a great way to earn gold. If you are a Free to Play player, then you will need to purchase this in order to list items in the auction house.
  4. Additional Inventory Bags - These are great for carrying lots of items on a long journey. 
  5. Additional Character Slot - Do you want more than two characters on the same server? Perhaps you would like to play with your kinship as a Lore-Master instead of your usual Hunter or Champion character. This is a great upgrade to buy if you like having lots of options.
These items go on sale often, so if you can hold off a week or two on buying one of the upgrades, I would do so. You can often get these upgrades for 20 - 30% off the normal price. I wouldn't bother holding off on the Riding Skill, as that is the cheapest of the items at 95 Turbine Points. The game is much more enjoyable with this skill.

Are there any other LOTRO Store Items that you would recommend to new players? Comment below, or message me on the Gamers' Community Forums! My username is Scribbler397.

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