Monday, February 10, 2014

Steed Spotlight: Treasure Laden Steed

With all of the different steeds available in LOTRO, I thought I would highlight some of them here. The first featured steed is my personal favorite out of my collection, the Treasure Laden Steed.

The Treasure Laden Steed is a special mount that was only available during the Treasure Hunt Event. To get this steed, you  had to be fortunate enough to find it in a dig spot while hunting for treasure.

The Treasure Laden Steed (from

According to its status bar, this pure white horse is named Gold. The horse's back is laden with treasure chest full of gold, and as it runs, a stream of coins trails behind. It is also 2% faster than steeds normally available in the game.

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Saturday, February 8, 2014

LOTRO Store Free Sample - Feb. 7 - Feb 13

Every week there is an item, buff, or boost you can get in the LOTRO Store FREE! This week's item is the Rapid Crafting Boost (1 min) x3. The Coupon code is CRAFT3. You can only get one deal per account, so be sure you purchase it as the right character. This is a great item, especially if you are crafting a lot of high level items at once. With this coupon, you get three of them, so put them to good use!

Remember: this code is only good until February 13th! Don't wait until its too late to get this useful boost!

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Friday, February 7, 2014

How to Get Gold on LOTRO

If you want to buy anything from the Auction House on LOTRO, you are going to need a lot of gold. Prices are steep, but it is often easier to get the gold to buy the items than to get the items themselves. Here are some top tips for getting gold!

How to Get Gold on LOTRO

  • Clean out your inventory and vaults - You probably have quite a few things that you don't need sitting around in your inventory or vaults.
  • Loot everything - Now that you have all of that extra space in your inventory, use it to carry loot. Don't discriminate against the common loot such as Dirty Ears or Matted Feathers. They add up quick, and you can get quite a good price for a stack of 100.
  • Defeat all MOBs in sight - You will need to defeat monsters in order to get loot. As a bonus, you also gain experience as well.
  • Collect all resources - Whether you are an Armor-Smith or a Woodsman, there are resources everywhere for you to collect! Don't leave any stone unturned!
  • If you haven't purchased the Currency Cap Removal, don't worry about overflow - When you purchase the Currency Cap Removal, that money goes right into your wallet. This upgrade is on my Best Account Upgrades for New Players list.
  • Use the Auction House to your advantage - Have you found something valuable that you can't use? Perhaps you are a Hunter and have found some Heavy Armor that you can't wear. Put it up for sale in the Auction House! If you price the item right, it will sell. In order to put items up for auction in the Auction House, you will need to buy Listing Slots from the LOTRO Store. This is also on my Best Account Upgrades for New Players list.
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How to Mine Tin on LOTRO

Tin is a highly valuable commodity in LOTRO's economy. A recent check of the Auction House had stacks of 100 Tin Ingots for just over 3 Gold. That is a serious amount of gold to drop on such a low tier crafting item. However, it rarity determines this price. It is highly unlikely that you will ever see tin whilst rambling across the countryside of Middle Earth unless you are specifically searching for it. 

How to Mine Tin on LOTRO

The best place to go tin farming is in Rushock Bog in the Shire. There, the ore spawn sites are close together, so you are able to mine quite a few of them in a short amount of time. Tin will spawn at the same spot that copper does, but you won't find it right away. Here is what you need to do:

  1. Get rid of anything in your inventory that you don't need. This extra space is needed for the extra things such as copper salts that are produced when mining an ore node.
  2. Make sure that you are using the best prospecting tools availible, and that they are fully repaired. Nothing is worse than mining 20 ore nodes and having your prospecting tools break while you are in the middle of the bog.
  3. Travel to Rushock Bog, and use your Resource Tracker to locate ore nodes.
  4. Mine every ore node you see.
Eventually, tin nodes will begin appearing. I honestly find it easier to grind for gold than to mine tin constantly. You can read my tips for getting gold quick here.

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Amazing LOTRO Store Deal!

Amazing LOTRO Store Deal - 

25% Off of Your ENTIRE  Cart!

There is an amazing LOTRO Store deal going on right now for 25% off of your entire cart! You could get expansions, upgrades, and more for 25% OFF! You could save over 1000 Turbine Points on Expansions! Don't miss out on this great deal!

Here is the coupon code: 25NOW

This code is only good until February 9th, so use it now!

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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Access to the Ettenmoors for Free Players!

Today, the LOTRO team answered some questions asked by players. One of the questions answered was

Q7: Any chance to see the access to Ettenmoors possible buying some "Ettenmoors Pass" in the store and note only through VIP?
 A: [HoarseDev] - Working on it.

This is will be an exciting development for the Monster Play system! Playing as a monster can be fun, but it would be nice to enjoy the benefits of playing as your character. Plus, it would save you from buying all of the class upgrades and such for your monster, if you wanted to be able to customize it.

They also said that they were toying with the idea of adding player housing in the Rohan area. That would be interesting. There was such a vivid description of the houses and lifestyle in the area in The Two Towers, and it would be cool to be able to buy housing there. I absolutely love collecting the different horses in the game, so I would fit right in!

On another note, one good thing they mentioned is that they are working on fixing the lotteries! I can't wait for them to return. They also announced that they are discussing the possibility of players gaining new crafting abilities.

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Sunday, February 2, 2014

LOTRO Guide: Best Account Upgrades for New Players

New players often face confusion when faced with the LOTRO Store for the first time. One is bombarded by so many choices, that it is hard to know where to start! There are items and expansions, buffs and boosts, account wide upgrades and more. It can be exhausting to comb through the entire store to figure out the best things to buy when you first start playing. To aid newer players, I have compiled a list of my top five LOTRO Store purchases for those just starting their journey in Middle Earth.
  1. Riding Skill - This is a must have for any player! If you only buy one thing from the store ever, this is the item to buy. Riding is one of the most useful skills on LOTRO because it enables you to travel to remote locations quickly.
  2. Currency Cap Removal - This is number two on my list because you need more gold than 2 gold to purchase quite a number of things in-game. Prices in the Auction House often go well above the standard, Free to Play cap, so this is a must if you plan on buying anything from other players.
  3. Auction House: Five Additional Listing Slots - It can be fun to list items in the Auction House, and its also a great way to earn gold. If you are a Free to Play player, then you will need to purchase this in order to list items in the auction house.
  4. Additional Inventory Bags - These are great for carrying lots of items on a long journey. 
  5. Additional Character Slot - Do you want more than two characters on the same server? Perhaps you would like to play with your kinship as a Lore-Master instead of your usual Hunter or Champion character. This is a great upgrade to buy if you like having lots of options.
These items go on sale often, so if you can hold off a week or two on buying one of the upgrades, I would do so. You can often get these upgrades for 20 - 30% off the normal price. I wouldn't bother holding off on the Riding Skill, as that is the cheapest of the items at 95 Turbine Points. The game is much more enjoyable with this skill.

Are there any other LOTRO Store Items that you would recommend to new players? Comment below, or message me on the Gamers' Community Forums! My username is Scribbler397.