Friday, February 7, 2014

How to Get Gold on LOTRO

If you want to buy anything from the Auction House on LOTRO, you are going to need a lot of gold. Prices are steep, but it is often easier to get the gold to buy the items than to get the items themselves. Here are some top tips for getting gold!

How to Get Gold on LOTRO

  • Clean out your inventory and vaults - You probably have quite a few things that you don't need sitting around in your inventory or vaults.
  • Loot everything - Now that you have all of that extra space in your inventory, use it to carry loot. Don't discriminate against the common loot such as Dirty Ears or Matted Feathers. They add up quick, and you can get quite a good price for a stack of 100.
  • Defeat all MOBs in sight - You will need to defeat monsters in order to get loot. As a bonus, you also gain experience as well.
  • Collect all resources - Whether you are an Armor-Smith or a Woodsman, there are resources everywhere for you to collect! Don't leave any stone unturned!
  • If you haven't purchased the Currency Cap Removal, don't worry about overflow - When you purchase the Currency Cap Removal, that money goes right into your wallet. This upgrade is on my Best Account Upgrades for New Players list.
  • Use the Auction House to your advantage - Have you found something valuable that you can't use? Perhaps you are a Hunter and have found some Heavy Armor that you can't wear. Put it up for sale in the Auction House! If you price the item right, it will sell. In order to put items up for auction in the Auction House, you will need to buy Listing Slots from the LOTRO Store. This is also on my Best Account Upgrades for New Players list.
Do you have any tips to add to the list? Comment below, or message me on the Gamers' Community Forums! My username is Scribbler397.

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