Thursday, February 6, 2014

Access to the Ettenmoors for Free Players!

Today, the LOTRO team answered some questions asked by players. One of the questions answered was

Q7: Any chance to see the access to Ettenmoors possible buying some "Ettenmoors Pass" in the store and note only through VIP?
 A: [HoarseDev] - Working on it.

This is will be an exciting development for the Monster Play system! Playing as a monster can be fun, but it would be nice to enjoy the benefits of playing as your character. Plus, it would save you from buying all of the class upgrades and such for your monster, if you wanted to be able to customize it.

They also said that they were toying with the idea of adding player housing in the Rohan area. That would be interesting. There was such a vivid description of the houses and lifestyle in the area in The Two Towers, and it would be cool to be able to buy housing there. I absolutely love collecting the different horses in the game, so I would fit right in!

On another note, one good thing they mentioned is that they are working on fixing the lotteries! I can't wait for them to return. They also announced that they are discussing the possibility of players gaining new crafting abilities.

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